Zack Denbrough was the father of Bill and George Denbrough and a minor character in the horror novel, It. He was also the husband of Sharon Denbrough. Zack worked as an electrician for the Bangor Hydroelectric (one of Derry’s main hydropower corporations).

Following George’s gruesome death in the fall of 1957, his relationship with Bill rapidly deteriorated, becoming more ignorant and socially reclusive towards him.

Nearly six years after his younger son’s murder, Zack died from lung carcinoma. Bill had only been seventeen during the time of his passing.

Stephen King's IT (1990 Film)

It Image8

In 1960, Bill sends his little brother Georgie out into the rainy afternoon with a paper boat he made as he is too ill to go out. Georgie encounters a clown in a sewer drain who introduces himself as "Pennywise the Dancing Clown" and promises him cotton candy and balloons along with his paper boat, which had fallen in. When Georgie reaches down for it, his arm is torn off. After Georgie's death, Bill enters his room and encounters a picture of him, which comes to life and winks at him before the album begins to drain blood. Bill is startled that his parents don't seem to notice it and tell him to stay away from George's room.

Stephen King's IT (2017)

After Georgie's died, Zack has a conversation with Bill about Georgie. Bill thought he could be in the barrows. Zack replied to him that Georgie is dead and there is nothing they do. He tell him to hide the pile location before Sharon would see it. He took the Derry map and also give a favor to Bill if he want take stuff from his office, he should ask him first.



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