The writer is a recurring character-type in the writings of Stephen King.

Of course, King himself is a writer, as is his wife Tabitha, his sons Joe and Owen, and his daughter-in-law Kelly.

As early as Carrie, King included writers in his work: Ewen High School student Tommy Ross wrote a poem that was published in Everleaf six months before his death. King's earliest use of the novelist as a character occurred in his next novel, 'Salem's Lot, when writer Ben Mears returned to his hometown of Jerusalem's Lot, Maine. King would continue this pattern of the protagonist being a writer with Jack Torrance in The Shining and Paul Sheldon in Misery.

One of King's most notorious uses of the writer was Thaddeus Beaumont and his alter-ego George Stark, a concept that was inspired by King's own experience writing as, and being revealed to be, Richard Bachman.

King's fictional writers tend to encounter bizarre and horrific situations with unnatural frequency. Authors created by King have encountered haunted hotels and hotel rooms, vampires, their own psychotic fans, alien spacecraft, possessed paintings, parallel realities, vicious scenes of domestic abuse, and even characters of their own creation.


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