"Vic Mooney lurched out of the shadows, his once slicked down hair now stood up in a crow's nest and his teeth were clattering in his jaw. "She pulled all the plugs", Vic said lightly grinning, and it was an awful Cheshire cat grin. "Pulled all the plugs and turned on the water and BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ! Teach us a lesson. Oh no. No. No. No. Carrie pulled all the plugs. Rhonda Simard burnt up. Ooooh, JEEEEESUUUUUUUSSSSSSS! Carrie did it, Carrie did it!" Officer Doyle took Vic by the arm. "What happened?" He asked. Carrie happened at the school. Carrie, Queen of the prom. They dumped piggy blood all over her! Tommy's dead, they're all dead..." (Carrie Novel)

Vic Mooney was the Ewen High School Senior President, who announced the Prom King and Queen, Tommy and Carrie.

He belonged to the ones that laughed the hardest. He survived the Prom massacre, where 99 out of 110 died, but only barely. He had traces of elecrocution and a swollen eye caused to him by one of the teachers in order to convince him to go to the fire door, which he did. He met Sheriff Doyle after that and it was obvious, that he was wounded by Carrie, too. He told him everything that happened. He had a crazy expression, when he did it, a mixture of happiness regarding Carrie´s humiliation and terror because of her vengeance. Sheriff Doyle had to slap him to stop his craziness, which manifested time and again until he did put his head down out of guilt, when he told about the evil prank against Carrie and Tommy.

It is implied, that he was later sent, at least temporarily, to an asylum, because he couldn´t deal with the events and his role in it. He testified at the White Commission regarding the massacre, while he was still being treated there.