Nobody's POV

Sue heard the creaking. Somebody was getting into her home. It was times like this she wished Tommy was still there to protect her and their daughter Ava, who was now 4 months old. Sue sprang up , determined to get to Ava. She rushed to the little girl's room. But she was too late. Ava was gone.

Susan Snell

Th whisper was distinctly familiar. It reminded Sue of someone she knew. Sue creaked back to her own bedroom, and sure enough, she was laying on the bed. Carrie White, dressed in a flowing red dress that showed off her legs and included a cape, was laying on Sue's bed, Holding Ava in her arms. Sue didn't speak. She shook as she watched her daughter sleep peacefully.

"The young girl bares a striking resemblance to Tommy." Carrie snarled. "Her name?"

"Ava." Sue answered. She was confused. She saw Carrie die.

"A beautiful name." Carrie softly spoke.

"I thought you were dead Carrie. How are you alive? Am I dreaming?" Sue asked. It was, a confusing situation to be in.

"Oh I am. But I can be brought back. And I will need your help. Yours and Ava's help, in fact." What?! How could Sue's baby help?!

"Carrie, what are you talking about?" Sue had no idea what Carrie meant. To that reaction, Carrie placed her hand on Ava's head, making a glow appear. Carrie stood up, and handed Ava to Sue. As she walked out, she turned back.

"To bring back The soul of Carrie White, You must Cover an act of sin with an act of God"