I was just browsing late tonight... And I came across "Stephen KIng - Uncollected Stories 2003" and WOW, what a read!!!! I was shocked to find a rare collection buried in this one - one from King's childhood - "People, Places, and Things." It's a great work! And I was so curious I googled it, and came across this site. I was a little sad that the page for the work had barely any info and seemed neglected - so I had to join and fill it in!!!

Finding out thru googling and on here that the collection itself was very rare, I felt very lucky to have a copy of it which is so complete. The stories are great shorts to browse thru and it really gives you a raw insight into Uncle Stevie (as he is called by his most devoted fans lol) as a 13 year old.

There are other works which I am working to compile - short stories which he wrote for his Aunt Gert who paid him a quarter for each one and encouraged his talent. "Jhonathan and the Witches" is one of them, and just below the title there is a description telling about how the story came about and the curious/ocd side of me just cant resist getting as many of them as I can!!!

<3 Here's to curiosity and good reading!