• MasterMovie2011

    What is your favorite story or stories by King & why? Mine would have to be The Langoliers, The Shining, Desperation, The Green Mile, & maybe Apt Pupil. The Langoliers because it's fear of the unknown. The Shining because it's fear of isolation & abandonment. Desperation for the same reasons as The Shining. The Green Mile because it's kind of a story of heroism. And last but not least Apt Pupil because it's about obsession, control, & power, & the effects they have on people, especially youth. It's also about how careful society (those of us that are the older generation) should be careful about where we tempt our youth to stray & how if we cause them to or let them stray from what' right & true, they will lose direction & allow any ole' b…

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