Stephen King’s Bullies

There is no bully like a Stephen King bully. Whether it’s Christine “Chris” Hargensen from the various “Carrie” adaptations or Buddy Repperton’s gang in Christine, or Ace Merrill and his low-life friends in Stand By Me, or the dead gang in Sometimes They Come Back, there is one thing: Steve’s villains are always hardcore.

I can see the 2013 film’s Chris Hargensen (played by Portia Doubleday) or the 1976 film’s Chris Hargensen (played by Nancy Allen) attempting to take on Ace Merrill in a battle of sorts, only to possibly get shocked by his pulling out his switchblade.

When Chris challenges Ace, telling him to try and kill her, Ace replies with “No problem, Christina”, to which Chris would correct him, saying that her name is “Christine”. (Plus, Norma Watson and Richard “Eyeball” Chambers would simultaneously say, “Ace, come on, man!”, because like Eyeball, Norma would think Ace going after her friend with a switchblade would be taking it too far as well.)