Well, first I look like to say that this is my first blog post on this wiki, so hello to any contributors reading. My name is Robinsonbecky. Have you ever noticed any similarities between Stephen King's IT, and 07th expansion's visual novel and subsequent manga and anime series Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, or as translated out as Higurashi: When They Cry? To those unfamiliar with the premise, here's how it goes: a teenage boy named Keiichi moves to this small Japanese town called Hinamizawa and he finds out that the town has a dark secret. Each year, on the Day of the Cotton Drift, one person is brutally murdered and another is quote "spirited away by demons". And that everyday there seems to be a cycle that when they all die, they appear to be alive again, much like Kenny. The visual novel Kai and the anime's second season provides most of the answers to the mind-boggling questions that you might've had with the first season. Now, to get down to the similarities. In IT, during one of the series of child murders, people believed that the children either ran away from home, or were killed by a serial killer. Also, it is implied that IT wouldn't let Derry's gruesome stories get reported, much like Keichi believed his friends were hiding some secrets about the town from him. Another example is when the character Patrick Hockstetter would often put animals in the fridge to kill them. It was in the dump. In a story arc of the anime, Rena Ryuguu kills her father's girlfriend and puts the body in a fridge. Oh, and she often collects "cute" things in the dump. Oh, and one of the characters was also named Rena. Also, the show takes place in 1983, while the second part of the Stephen King novel took place in 1985. It's also been shown that the visual novel's creator, Ryukishi07, was born in 1973, while Stephen King published IT in 1986. Though not to sound like a conspiracy-nut, Ryuki might've picked up a Japanese version of his novel. and was inspired to make Higurashi in 2006. Oh, and lastly, the main characters in Higurashi had a club as did the Loser Club. Though, what do you think?