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    1. This is not a reboot of the 1990 series. It will be more close to the book than the 1990 miniseries was. Of course, certain scenes from the book have been opted out.

    2. It's origins will slightly be unclear. For anyone who was disappointed by the revelation that It was a giant spider in the 1990 film, there was more to that. In the book, it explains that It was a primordial being from beyond the beginning of time who existed in another dimension called the Macroverse. Existing with It in the void is the Turtle. The Turtle is a cosmic entity who is It's natural enemy. One day, the Turtle had a stomach flu and vomited out the universe, which also includes the multiverse that Stephen King's novels take place in.

    It somehow knew that humanity…

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    It (Remake) Thoughts

    April 5, 2017 by AustinDR

    So, I have seen the trailer for the upcoming 2017 remake of Stephen King's It, and I have overall mixed feelings about it. For one, I don't personally like Pennywise's new design. Now, I understand that they amped it up because they wanted to enhance his scare factor. However, by doing this, I feel that they are missing the point. While many kids fear clowns, one can make the argument that 1990's Pennywise was specifically designed to appear friendly so that it could lure victims. By having Pennywise look nightmarish right from the get go, it really makes me question Georgie's poor judgment. I mean, if any kid saw a clown like that in the sewer drain, they would be scared off. Pennywise's new design just screams "edgy."

    Additionally, the tra…

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    Well, first I look like to say that this is my first blog post on this wiki, so hello to any contributors reading. My name is Robinsonbecky. Have you ever noticed any similarities between Stephen King's IT, and 07th expansion's visual novel and subsequent manga and anime series Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, or as translated out as Higurashi: When They Cry? To those unfamiliar with the premise, here's how it goes: a teenage boy named Keiichi moves to this small Japanese town called Hinamizawa and he finds out that the town has a dark secret. Each year, on the Day of the Cotton Drift, one person is brutally murdered and another is quote "spirited away by demons". And that everyday there seems to be a cycle that when they all die, they appear to be …

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