Tom Rogan

Tom Rogan (Ryan Michael) in IT.

"Where is she?"

- Tom Rogan in IT

Tom Rogan is a minor villain in the Stephen King book IT. He is the insane, abusive, violent, and sadistic ex-husband of Beverly Marsh, and is virtually a carbon copy of her equally abusive father, personality-wise.

He was portrayed by Ryan Michael in It 1990 Mini Series and Will Beinbrink in 2019 It: Chapter Two.

After Beverly is called back to Maine to fight Pennywise again, she finally stands up to Tom and leaves him. In a rage, he tortures Beverly's best friend Kay into revealing where she went and follows her to Maine, bent on getting revenge. In the novel, he dies of shock after seeing Pennywise's true form, but in the film, he is not seen again after Beverly leaves him.

IT (Novel)

In the novel, Tom Rogan is the insane and abusive husband of Beverly. Tom has a very predatory view of women, and he thrives on the control he has over his vulnerable wife. He sees Beverly as a sexual object and uses Beverly's chain smoking as an excuse to beat her. But his abuse of her proves to be his undoing. When Beverly tries to leave for Derry, he refuses to let her, whipping her. Tom is surprised when the normally docile Beverly fights back, and almost kills him, before leaving for Derry. Tom, desperate to find his wife, beats one of her friends until he finds out that Beverly is in Derry. Tom goes to Derry with the intent to kill Beverly, and possibly her "writer friend" Bill Denbrough, whom Tom assumes she is sleeping with. But in Derry, he meets It who hypnotizes him.

When he gets there, It uses Tom to capture Audra Phillips and bring her to Its lair under the city. Upon seeing It in its true form, Tom drops dead in shock and gets eaten by It.

IT (Film)

In the film, he is portrayed by actor Ryan Michael.

In Chicago, Illinois, fashion designer Beverly Marsh receives word from her secretary that she has a call. Her partner, Tom Rogan, interrupts and says they're not to be interrupted. After a moment, Beverly agrees. After the secretary leaves, Tom notes that his girlfriend is scared, adjusts her hair, and tells her to get herself under control for a meeting with their Japanese investors. They kiss and start to go, and Tom tells Beverly never to contradict him again.

The meeting goes well and that night, Tom and Beverly celebrate in bed. Tom goes to get more champagne and the phone rings. It's Mike Hanlon, and he tells her to brace herself. A minute later, Tom comes in and asks who was on the phone and finds Beverly packing. She explains she has to go to Maine and mentions Mike. Thinking that Beverly is leaving him for "some old boyfriend", Tom immediately slaps her and tells her to shut up, and says that she's forgotten his lessons. He takes a belt out of the wardrobe and prepares to beat her, and Beverly tells him to put it down and that there is trouble in Maine. When he orders her to unpack, Beverly starts throwing things from the dresser at him and finally hits him in the head with a jar, closes the suitcase and tells him that if he ever comes after her like that again, she would kill him. He tells Beverly she needs him and screams "BEEEEV!!!!!" as she leaves, and is never seen again.

It (2019 film)

In the film he is portrayed by actor Will Beinbrink.


In the novel, Tom and Beverly are married together; in the film adaptation, Tom and Beverly are dating.

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