Tom Boutillier is a legal counselor and a minor character in the horror novel, It.

He is a local Derry District Attorney who is often involved in analyzing and examining murder and homicide related cases. Along with police chief Andrew Rademacher, he interrogated Christopher Unwin, who was believed to be one of the three assailants (the other two being John Garton and Steven Dubay) behind the killing of a homosexual victim named Adrian Mellon. It was Boutillier who had correctly identified Unwin as being the "weak link" of his group.

While Boutillier is appalled by Unwin and his friend's actions, he nonetheless displays his homophobic side by genuinely praising the young man for beating and killing Mellon, as clearly shown when he says "And the three of you came in to make a clean breast of things. Chief Rademacher and I appreciate that, don't we, Andy?"

Although Unwin (and then later Harold Gardner) attempts to convince the attorney that he witnessed a clown under the "Kissing Bridge" (where Mellon was killed), Boutillier refuses to believe the claim.

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