Christina Blake
Name: Christina Blake
Role: Bully
Status: Deceased (2002 TV film and 2013 remake)
Cause of Death: Brutally crushed by a basketball board (2002 TV film)
Burned to death (2013 remake)
Portrayed by: Unkown (1976)
Katharine Isabelle (2002)
Zoë Belkin (2013)

Christina Blake also known as Tina Blake was a student at Ewen High School, who was best friends with Chris Hargensen and was one of the girls who tormented Carrie White. Both Tina and Chris have similar names, Christine and Christina.


Tina Blake was best friends with Chris Hargensen and was one of the girls, who bullied Carrie. She was involved in the shower incident throwing tampons and sanitary napkins at Carrie, when she got her first period in the shower and may have rigged together with Norma Watson the Prom King and Queen votes so Carrie would be voted Prom Queen and have pig blood dumped on her by Chris and Billy Nolan.When the blood is dumped on Carrie, Tina is standing with Norma and Stella Horan. When Norma realizes its blood, Tina screams loudly and when all of the mayhem begins Norma Watso attempts to get Tina and leave but Tina doesn't leave yet. Norma still tries and grabs Tina's arm and pulls her towards the door but it isn't until Josie Vreck is caught on fire, that Tina listens to Norma and the pair escape.

1976 Film

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Mary Blake

In the 1976 film she is renamed Mary Blake

She is first seen in the volleyball game, But she was not present in the locker room. Her last name is heard during the role call by Miss Collins, and she looks up. Mary was not present during the calisthenic because she skipped the detention. So she received the three days suspension and the refusal of her prom tickets.

2002 Film

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In the 2002 TV film, Tina Blake is played by Katharine Isabelle.

She was Chris Hargensen's best friend and very popular. Like Chris, she tormented Carrie. During the baseball game, she begins saying "Miss, miss, miss, miss..." to Carrie. She was the one who discovered Carrie´s period and told the others about it so that they could torment her. When Chris is kicked out of school because of her behaviour regarding it, Tina confronts Carrie in class, blaming her for it.  During the prom she gave Carrie a dirty look. She counterfeits the ballots to ensure that Carrie and Tommy would win. When it was time for the prank, she waited for Chris to pull the bucket, looking up at her, causing Helen Shyres to notice. When Carrie got drenched in the pigs blood and Tommy is knocked out dying on the way, both Tina and her date, Kenny Garson,laughed at Carrie. Tina and Kenny attempted to leave after Kenny was slapped by Helen for their despicable behaviour, but Carrie (driven to insanity and to a blackout by the events) subconsciously and telekinetically shuts all the doors, one which Kenny's arm was reaching through, causing him to be trapped. People begin crowding around the door trying to leave. Tina pushes one of them down on the floor and begins screaming hysterically, standing in place there. Carrie notices it and loosens the bolts on the Basketball board, making it fall and hit Tina in the back, which causes her to fall. The board then swings around one more time, releases completely and it falls on Tina, crushing and killing her.

2013 Film

Tina on DJ
In the 2013 remake, Tina Blake is played by Zoe Belkin.  

Tina is the best friend of Christine Hargensen and the girlfriend of Jackie Talbot.  

In the beginning of this film Tina is one of the many girls, who harassed Carrie, when she has her period; throwing tampons, chanting "PLUG IT UP!",and laughing at her misery. As Chris' backbone/second-in-command, Tina is always there to patronize Carrie when Chris is not, may that be in an English class or in the hallway. Tina took part in Miss Desjardin's detention, and Christine asks, if she will ditch detention with her, because Tina has a heart condition. Tina even produced flirtatious advances towards the English teacher Mr. Ulmann, subtly seducing him to join in on bullying Carrie. Then Tina counterfeits the prom votes making Tommy and Carrie the prom king and queen; putting Chris's plan into action. Once
Fire Spread

Tina´s death

the prank has commenced, Tina begins laughing hysterically at Carrie's misery, until Carrie uses her telekinesis to kill the prom-goers. Tina is horrified, as she watches Carrie kill Heather, The Watson Twins, and even her boyfriend Jackie Talbot in cold blood with no remorse. Mr. Ulmann tries to save Tina, but they are both forced to separate, when a flaming crescent moon prop is launched at them by Carrie. George Dawson and Miss Desjardin watch in horror as Tina is brutally whipped by a electrical wires like a helpless female Great Dane before her dress catches on fire from the crescent moon, engulfing her entirely in flames. Flailing around, Tina screams in utter agony. The flames eventually and ultimately kill her. 
Tina on fire

Tina incinerating while flailing around




  • Tina survives in the novel.
  • Tina's last name in the remake is rumored to be "Fordyce". Many fans believe so while others believe it to stay true to the book "Blake". Her surname is never said and is not in the credits.
  • Tina is small and has red hair in the novel.
  • Her death in the 2013 remake is very similar to Rhonda Simard from the novel.
  • It is interesting to note that the 2002 TV film Tina was the source of much of Carrie's torment:
  • She informed the girls about Carrie leading to the shower incident.
  • She makes a remark to Carrie in class about Chris getting kicked out.
  • She shows Chris the new ballots "Ballot 2.0", which nominate Carrie and Tommy.
  • She swaps the ballots.
  • This Tina also seemed to have the strongest hate for Carrie out of all the Tinas and almost even that of Chris.
  • It is interesting to note that because the the entire 2002 TV film was told in flashback form through police reports and interviews, the prom had already occurred and Tina was deceased.
  • In the 1976 film her role was given to Norma Watson which was a combination of herself and Norma.