Timothy "Tim" Grunwald was the owner of Grunwald Contractors & Builders.

A Very Tight Place

Grunwals lived on Turtle Island in Florida; he was the next door neighbor of Curtis Johnson, but the two fell out when Grunwald installed an electric fence on his property that wound up killing Johnson's beloved dog Betsy. Johnson and Grunwald were both sold a piece of property by Ricky Vinton, fueling a bitter and expensive legal battle.

Grunwald underwent surgery to remove a cancerous mass, after which he began to believe that Johnson was, literally, a witch who had cursed him. In reprisal, Grunwald locked Johnson in a toppled, reinforced Port-O-San in the abandoned construction site of Durkin Grove Village and left him for dead. By the next day, Johnson had escaped and returned to Grunwald's house; threatening to expose him for his murderous intentions. Two days later, Grunwald then committed suicide by shooting himself.