"The Wedding Gig" is a short story written by Stephen King. It was original published in the December 1980 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, and later included in King's own 1985 collection Skeleton Crew.


Told from the viewpoint of a bandleader during Prohibition, the story centers around a small time racketeer, Mike Scollay, who hires the narrator's jazz band to play at the wedding of his 300-pound sister Maureen, and her 90-pound fiancé. At the gig, Scollay's enemy, the Greek, blackmails a man to come to the wedding reception and insult Maureen in front of the guests. Shortly after, Mike is shot down in a hail of gunfire from the Greek's men.

Maureen takes over his business, making it into a large criminal empire, and getting revenge on the Greek, until she dies of a heart attack years later.

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