DVD cover from Lionsgate.

The Mangler Reborn
is a 2005 film sequel to the 2001 movie The Mangler 2. The film was written and directed by Matt Cunningham and Erik Gardner.


The possessed laundry machine from the first movie, which was earlier defeated and junked, is bought by a repairman named Hadley, who hopes to fix it up as a hobby and sell it for profit. Hadley gradually becomes obsessed with the machine and, after awakening it with his blood and being "eaten" by it, is forced to "feed" it with live, unsuspecting victims to stop his corpse from rotting.


The Mangler: Reborn recieved mixed to negative reviews from most critics, but recieved a lukewarm recieption from fans, who found praise in the film, such as the film's twist ending and how it brought back the long overdue original Mangler machine.

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