The Gunslinger: Revised & Expanded is an expanded edition of Stephen King's 1982 novel The Gunslinger released in 2003 as a prelude to the rapid release of the final three volumes of the series.

The revised edition of the novel runs only seven pages longer than the original, but contains several revisions that make the volume better fit into the continuity of the overall series, as well as an introductory essay entitled "On Being Nineteen (and a Few Other Things)" and a new Foreward.

The Dark Tower series
Novels I (a-b-c-d-e; f) • IIIIIIVIVSVVIVII
Short stories "Low Men in Yellow Coats" • "The Little Sisters of Eluria"
Related works `Salem's LotThe StandThe Eyes of the DragonInsomnia
Comics #1-7#8-12#13-18#19#20-25#26-30
Characters Roland DeschainJake ChambersEddie Dean
Susannah HolmesDonald CallahanWalter o'Dim

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