The Best American Short Stories 2007 is an anthology of short fiction edited by Stephen King and Helen Pitlor and published in 10 October 2007.

Included works

  1. "L. Debard and Aliette: A Love Story," by Lauren Groff
  2. "The Bris," by Eileen Pollack
  3. "Findings and Impressions," by Stellar Kim
  4. "Balto" by T. C. Boyle
  5. "Sans Farine," by Jim Shepherd
  6. "Allegiance," by Aryn Kyle
  7. "The Boy in Zaquitos," by Bruce McCallister
  8. "Where Will You Go When Your Skin Can Not Contain You," by William Gay
  9. "Riding the Doghouse," by Randy Devita
  10. "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves," by Karen Russell
  11. "Toga Party," by John Barth
  12. "Pa's Darling," by Louis Auchingloss
  13. "Do Something," by Kate Walbert
  14. "Horseman," by Richard Russo
  15. "Eleanor's Music," by Mary Gordon
  16. "Wake" by Beverly Jensen
  17. "Dimension," by Alice Munro
  18. "My Brother Eli," by Joseph Epstein
  19. "Solid Wood," by Ann Beattie
  20. "Wait," by Roy Kesey


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