Steven Bishoff Dubay is one of the homophobic bullies that attacked Adrian Mellon and Don Hagarty in the novel, It.

He is described to be very unintelligent, having an IQ of sixty-eight and having to repeat the seventh grade three times. He left school by the age of sixteen.

During the summer of 1984, while hanging out with his friends, John ''Webby'' Garton and Christopher Phillip Unwin, Steven and his two friends viciously beat up Adrian and Don because they were a gay couple. After they threw Adrian over a bridge and were interrogated by the police, Don and Chris tried to tell Steven, John and the police that Adrian was being attacked by Pennywise, but they didn't see anything. Charged with First Degree murder of Adrian Mellon, Dubay was sentenced to fifteen years in prison at Shawshank State Prison.