Stephen King's bibliography includes 48 novels (seven written under a pseudonym), 84 short stories (collected in six volumes), sixteen novellas

"Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption", novella (1982)
"Apt Pupil", novella (1982)
"The Body", novella (1982)
"The Breathing Method", novella (1982)
"The Mist", novel (1985)
"The Langoliers", novella (1990)
"Secret Garden, Secret Window", novella (1990)
"The Library Policeman", novella (1990)
"The Sun Dog", novella (1990)
"Two Dead Girls", chapbook (March 1996)
"The Mouse on the Mile", chapbook (April 1996)
"Coffey's Hands", chapbook (May 1996)
"The Bad Death of Eduard Delacrois", chapbook (June 1996)
"Night Journey", chapbook (July 1996)
"Coffey on the Mile", chapbook (August 1996)
"Low Men in Yellow Coats", novella (1999)
"Hearts in Atlantis", short story (1999)
"Blind Willie", short story (1999)
"Why We're in Vietnam]]", short story (1999)
"Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling", short story (1999)
"1408", short story (1999)
"In the Deathroom", short story (1999)
"Lunch at the Gotham Café", short story (1999)
"N." (2008)
  • Ur, ebook (2009)
  • Under the Dome, novel (2009)
  • Blockade Billy, novella (2010)
  • Full Stars, No Dark (2010)
  • "Mile 81", novella (2011)
  • 11/22/63, novel (2011)
  • The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole, novel (2012)
  • "A face in the crowd", novella (2012)
"1922" (2010)
"Big Driver" (2010)
"Full Extension" (2010)
"A Good Marriage" (2010)

"Brooklyn August" (1971) "For Owen" "Paranoid: a Chant" "The Bone Church" "Tommy"

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