Stan Uris was a member of the The Losers' Club in Stephen King's novel IT. He was good friends with Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon and Beverly Marsh. He later becomes a partner in a large Atlanta-based accounting firm. When he received the call from Mike Hanlon in 1985 that It had stirred once more from it's slumber, Stan committed suicide by slitting his wrists while laying in his bathtub, rather than return to Derry, Maine to face It.


When Stan is 12-years-old, Among the Losers Club, Stan was the skeptical Jewish member of the group (He does, however, admit that his family take a relaxed approach to their faith, rather than practicing it devoutly). As a kid, his main hobby was birdwatching. Sharp logic and order are deeply ingrained in his psyche and because of this, he is the least willing to accept that It actually exists, and relies on logic more than anything else. Stan, much like Mike, is racially persecuted by Henry like one time in elementary school when Henry whitewashed Stan's face in snow until it bled.

The Tunnels

The Loser's Club enter the main sewer hall and discover that Stan is missing, as he had been pulled by Henry and Belch. Henry orders Victor to create an ambush on the remaining Losers but he is killed by it. Meanwhile, just as Henry is about to kill Stan, a mysterious light bursts through a sewage pipe and both Stan and Henry watch in horror as Belch is dragged through the pipe and eaten. When the light returns, Stan escapes while Henry stands transfixed turning his hair white. "It" spares Henry's life and continues searching for Stan.

Stan reunites with the others and tells them the "deadlights" are far worse than Pennywise, and the losers agree not to stare into the lights. Pennywise catches the losers and grabs Stan. Just as Pennywise is about to eat Stan, Eddie wounds Pennywise by spraying him with his inhaler which he imagines to be filled with battery acid and Beverly cracks open the monster's head with her slingshot, revealing his deadlights. Pennywise somersaults in the air and vanishes in the ground. Before he is completely gone, Bill pulls Pennywise's glove and the glove slips of Pennywise's hand revealing a three-fingered claw and then It disappears into the drain. With their job done, the seven vow to return some day if ever It returns. Meanwhile, Henry escapes the sewers, is arrested and sentenced to life in in an asylum for confessing to the murders of all children and his gang of friends.

The Blood Oath

Stan has become a real estate broker. Having moved on into comfortable lives and having barely a glimmer of the memories of that summer, they are all traumatized by the memories awakened by Mike's phone calls. Stan and his wife planned on having a child when he gets a sudden phone call from Mike Hanlon, being told that It's come back and he promised to reunite with The Losers to destroy It. While they agreed to return as promised, Stan is unable to cope with the fear and kills himself, writing the word "IT" on the bathroom wall with his blood. 



The Oath Breaks

Following Stan's suicide Bill Denborough arrives in Derry and, while visiting his brother's grave, encounters Pennywise digging graves for Bill and his friends. It then hints that one of the "Lucky Seven" are deceased by pointing towards the last grave on the end which is filled in and marked with a white cross, stating, "Take your pick, B...B...B...Billy Boy. Oh, except for the one on the end. That's already taken. Sorry." 

Later, at Mike Hanlon's house, Bill has a flashback of when he rescued Stan who was being pursued through the park by an unseen It. The two escaped unharmed. 

When six of the seven gather at a restaurant for dinner, Eddie Kasprbark has a flashback of saving Stan's life 30 years earlier to which Bill asks, "And you saved Stan's life. You remember that part?" Eddie recalls, prompting Richie to wonder where Stan is and yell his name through the restaurant. When he and a few of the others question Stan's absence Mike responds by telling them he believed Stan would arrive in Derry shortly. During the dinner itself, Henry Bowers is brought into the discussion and Richie remembers how Bowers tried to kill Stan in the sewer.

After It frightens them out of the restaurant, they flee to the library where Mike tries to get ahold Stan only to learn of Stan's suicide following their previous phone call which devastates him as well as the rest of the group. Bill recalls what he had seen earlier in the graveyard, finally piecing together that the filled in grave shown to him by Pennywise represented Stan. He then explains to the others that Stan was the last of the seven to see It the summer they went into the sewer and, in accordance to his earlier flashback, tells them how in late August of that year a weakened It lured Stan into a house which the boy managed to escape from by calling out the names of different birds while trapped and cornered by the creature. 

Eddie then tells them that Stan saw It face to face and "what was behind the clown". He then remembers Stan running up to him in school, claiming to have seen It and telling him that he wanted to be in the deadlights. 


"Sorry I'm late. Well, let's see who's here!"

Immediately following the discussion, It manifests as the head of Stan Uris inside of the libraries private refrigerator, insulting and berating the remaining losers about their past and current insecurities and flaws before Mike slams the door shut out of anger rather than fright, disgusted by the creature for using Stan's image against them.

Stan is brought up again several times. Beverly Marsh reminisces about bringing the boys over to see if they could see the blood in her sink to which Stan replies, "What happened in here? Did somebody get murdered?"

Following Henry Bowers attempted murder of Mike, Bill, Ben, Beverly, Eddie and Richie return to the Derry Inn where they discuss what to do next. Eddie and Richie both that leaving Derry forever is the best course of action with the former bringing up Stan's death as factor. Bill tries to convince them to fight but Eddie remarks that he is too old for monster hunting and that Mike was as well. Richie then replies, in a loud tone, "So was Stan!"

Just before the final five enter the barrens for their final battle with It, Bill gives Beverly the silver stones given to him by Mike who had went back and got them from the sewer 10 years prior. He then dedicates one stone to Mike and one to Stan.



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