Skinner Sweet was a sociopathic outlaw in the Wild West who became the first American vampire.

Unlike European vampires, Skinner is powered by the sun and, true to his native environment, has rattlesnake fangs.

In 1880, Skinner Sweet was a notorious thief and murderer who earned his nickname for his sadism and his love of candy. Unknown to him, he wronged an elitist society of European vampires, who hired James Book of the Pinkerton Agency to bring him in to hang. Sweet made a daring escape with the help of his gang but was attacked in the process by one of the vampires, Mr. Percy. He was bitten, and when Percy was shot point blank, some of the vampire's blood fell into Sweet's eye. As a result of the blood transfer, Skinner Sweet became the world's first American Vampire. He was stronger than the elitist European vampires and could survive in direct sunlight unlike them. He also is weakened by gold and not wood.

After being stuck in his grave for twenty years, Sweet rose and discovered what he had become. Skinner emerged from his flooded grave when European vampires would have been incapacitated. He immediately went on the warpath, killing everyone he could and going after the people who had wronged him in life. Skinner also infected an actress who was attacked and nearly killed by his European counterparts. He was soon defeated on a moonless night by James Book and sealed in a collapsed mine. Years later, he would be free again.


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