Sheb McCurdy was a piano player who performed in both Tull and Hambry while Roland Deschain was in each town. He was killed by Roland during The Battle of Tull. He is depicted as a small and useless man with one gold tooth.

The Gunslinger

In Tull, Sheb played at a honky-tonk which was named after him, but he lost the ownership to Allie, which was not explained. He was Allie's lover for a time and when Roland came to Tull he broke into Allie's room to attack him with a knife out of jealousy. During the assault Roland broke his wrists and sent him from the room in shame. Later during The Battle of Tull Sheb used Allie as a sheild.

Wizard And Glass

In Hamby, he played at The Traveller's RestCoral Thorin's bar/whorehouse.


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