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SECRET WINDOWS is an anthology compiled in 2000, of hard to find non-fiction pieces, little known interviews, short stories, and articles about writing for those looking for direction on how to find their own "windows" - or for anyone wishing to be touched by Stephen King's humor and wisdom.

'Included in this collection are unpublished early fiction( very early; King was 12 when he wrote "Jumper" and"Rush Call"; a pre-Carrie article with tips for selling stories to men's magazines ("The Horror Writer and the Ten Bears: A True Story"); advice to his son on writing ( with the look-twice title "Great Hookers I Have Known"); recommendations to teen readers in a 'Seventeen' article ("What Stephen King Does For Love"); a long chapter from his wonderful treatise on the horror genre ("Horror Fiction" from Danse Macabre); and even a first-time-in-print short story,"In The Deathroom"(just for fun).

Hardcover: 433 pages

Publisher: Book-of-the-Month Club; 1st edition (2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0165006439

ISBN-13: 978-0965006439

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