Eric "Rusty" Everett (b. 1972) is the husband of Linda Everett, the father of Janelle and Judy Everett, and a physician's assistant working with Dr. Ron Haskell at Catherine Russell Hospital in Chester's Mill, Maine. He also serves as an EMT, riding the ambulance with Dougie Twitchell.

In second grade, he was friends with George Lathrop, with whom he regularly burned ants using a magnifying glass. After a crisis of conscience, he tried to make Lathrop stop, and when Lathrop refused, the two brawled. Everett smashed Lathrop's magnifying glass in the fight.

On Dome Day, he administered six stitches to Benny Drake, who had fallen during a skateboarding trick. He was called away by Ginny Tomlinson, and rode with Twitchell to the crash site on Route 119 in an attempt to help Police Chief Howard Perkins. On the way, he witnessed the explosion of a CBS-13 helicopter that collided with the Dome.


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