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Rose Red was a very successful television miniseries scripted by Stephen King. The series was first broadcast in the United States on ABC in 2002. The story centers around a enormous haunted mansion in Seattle named Rose Red which is said to kill men and make women vanish forever, ultimately giving itself a "Roach Motel" reputation. Many check in, but few check out! Due to its long history of mysterious deaths and disappearances from the past, the house is investigated by parapsychologist Dr. Joyce Reardon and a team of truly gifted psychics. It is up to Joyce and her teammates to find out the deadly secrets of Rose Red and reveal the dark forces inhabiting it, or die trying.

Rose Red is also a sequel to the best selling novel titled: "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red" by Ridley Pearson, published in 2001.


"Every House Has a Story to tell...This One Will Kill You!"

IMG 20141019 235915

Rose Red in it's Hay-day.

A team of psychics led by Dr. Joyce Reardon, a psychology professor, investigates the decrepit Seattle, Washington, mansion known as Rose Red in an attempt to discover scientific proof that ghosts exist. The mansion is thought to be haunted due to the unexplainable fact that many people have completely vanished or brutally died there. The Reardon team's efforts unleash various spirits and uncover the horrifying and deadly secret of the house itself.

The Haunting History of Rose RedEdit

Some Houses Are Born Bad...

IMG 20141018 193549

According to information revealed in the diary of Ellen Rimbauer's and at various points in the miniseries, the house which was eventually named "Rose Red" was built in 1906 by John Rimbauer for his significantly younger wife, Ellen as a wedding gift. John Rimbauer owned an oil company, and used much of his wealth to build the vast mansion, which was an incredibly elaborate Tudor-Gothic style Victorian home which situated on 40 acres of woodland in the heart of Seattle, Washington, in the United States. The site was a Native American burial ground (a common motif in early works by author Stephen King). The house appeared cursed even as it was being constructed: Three construction workers were killed on the site, and a construction foreman was brutally murdered by a co-worker.

IMG 20141019 235540

Ellen Rimbauer and Sukeena the maid.

After the wedding, the Rimbauers took a grand, leisurely Honeymoon during the struture of the house which lasted an entire year. They circled the globe on some of the most luxurious first class trains and ocean liners like the Ocean Star. John Rimbauer's favorite part of the tour was Africa. Ellen didn't enjoy it quite as much. Infact she nearly died during the vacationing visit in Africa. Ellen fell very ill (from an unspecified sexually transmitted disease given to her by her husband), an unmentionable disease carried by men and suffered by women". Luckily, Ellen made the acquaintance of Sukeena, a local exotic tribeswoman who nursed Ellen back to health. Ellen and Sukeena became very close and formed a nearly unbreakable bond. As a result, Sukeena accompanied the Rimbauers back to the United States to work as a full time servant in the newly completed Rose Red mansion. The Rimbauers soon had two children, a boy named Adam because he was the first, and a girl named April who was born on April 1st. (April was born with a deformed withered left arm). Ellen believed April's deformity was caused by the "African Fever" she experienced on her Honeymoon. Regardless, Ellen loved both her children dearly, but John only cared for his son Adam. As time went on Ellen quickly became unhappy with her marriage to her philandering and neglectful, cheating husband. In John's mind, Ellen had fulfilled her purpose by giving him a son, and was free to do whatever she pleased in Rose Red, such as spoiling herself with various luxuries such as buying fancy lace dresses and planting rose bushes all throught the property of her home. While John stayed busy with his oil business and was too occupied with his many extramarital secret affairs.

IMG 20141020 000115

The Rimbauer family in the early 1900's.

Tragic deaths and mysterious disappearances continued at the house from time to time. One of John Rimbauer's friends died of a bee sting in the solarium, and John Rimbauer's business partner (who was a Homosexual whom Rimbauer had cheated out of his hard earned share of their oil fortune) hung himself in front of Rimbauer's children as a sort of twisted revenge. Before he killed himself he tossed his cowboy hat to Adam and a red rose to April. Not much later the suicide causes April to stop speaking, apparently due to being traumatized. It is then when Ellen slowly realizes that something is seriously wrong with Rose Red. Soon after Adam was sent away to attend boarding school, leaving just before the evil of Rose Red truly awakened. However, Ellen's plans to successfully flee are haulted as one day, eight-year-old April vanished into thin air and mysteriously disappeared while playing in the kitchen pantry, never to be seen again. Sukeena, who was watching April during the time she went missing was convinced that the kitchen pantry was an invisible portal into the dark spirit world of Rose Red, and when April got close enough she was sucked in and taken to the "other side". It is also hinted that Rose Red became jealous of April and Ellen's relationship because the house wanted Ellen all to itself and to show Ellen who was really in charge. With April lost somewhere deep inside the walls of the house, this guarantees that Ellen will never leave, not without her abducted child. Sukeena was used as the skapegoat even with Ellen's defense and she was blamed by John for the incident while viciously tortured by the local police after being suspected of having something to do with April's "murder". John Rimbauer (whom his wife suspected of adultery) committed suicide by throwing himself from a stain-glass window of one of the mansion's towers shortly thereafter (an event which the miniseries later shows to have been John's murder at the hands of Ellen Rimbauer and Sukeena who had found out about his affairs and just made it look like a suicide.)

As revealed in the miniseries, Ellen Rimbauer and Sukeena remained close and it is hinted their relationship may have been something more than just friends. Ellen reefers to Sukeena in her diary as "my friend", and then after Johns death she calls Sukeena her "Sister". And the two woman along with several maids continued to live in the house. After a spiritualist seance, Ellen believed that if she continued to build the house, forever extending its architecture, she would never die. Madame Stravinsky, the psychic who spoke to the house during the seance explained why men ended up dead and women missing. It was because the house could see into the souls of the people who entered and knew if they were good or bad. Rose Red could sense the power hungry evilness that lurked inside the men and how the women were merely victims of that evil. So taking these women to live here in spirit was the houses way of protecting them and freeing them from the badness of the men around them. It all made so much sense! But Madame Stravinsky cautioned Ellen to not get too comfortable in the house because Rose Red was like a Vampire, also feeding off the evil souls of these men and could very well have it’s own bad intentions. It is also hinted that Mr. Rimbuear's own selfish and greedy passions were encouraging Rose Red's appetite. Thus concluding that Rose Red could be good and bad, as long as you kept the house happy. After speaking with the psychic, Ellen's life had changed forever, she never had another attack of her African fever which she suffered from time to time.

Ellen Rimbauer then used nearly all of her dead husband's immense fortune to continually add to the never-ending growth of the home over the next several decades, enlarging it significantly (in a plot element reminiscent of the real-life construction of the Winchester Mystery House). Ellen also clinged on to the hopes of believing that if she kept building the house, it would release her lost daughter April and give her back. Ellen even began to hear voices at night promising that if she built a tall tower in Rose Red that the house would reunite her with April again.

Yet mysterious disappearances continued: Rose Red mercilessly "swallowed" people up and refused to give them back. The heart of the house would feed off of its stolen victim and use their life force to become more and more powerful. After her husband's death, Ellen grew lonely and began throwing lavish parties and banquets at the mansion, inviting blue blooded aristocrats, rich socialites and popular celebrities and movie stars. A woman known as the glamorous Deanna Petrie, a beautiful and spunky actress and secret lover of Ellen Rimbauer's, went missing during one of these social events, thus sealing the reputation of Rose Red forever. Despite numerous searches, the only thing ever found of Deanna was her fancy earrings, and after Deanna's mysterious disappearance, no parties were ever thrown at Rose Red again. A few years later Sukeena went missing as well and only the maids who worked in the house and Ellen herself inhabited the property. Eventually Ellen disappeared in circa 1950, she was last seen slowly wandering the hallways of her mansion while on one of her daily strolls. Those who had seen her during this time said she looked dazed as if apparently just day-dreaming, lost in her own thoughts. After Ellen's disappearance Rose Red had enough power to began to grow on it's own, but very slowly so no one would really notice.

Several characters in the miniseries relate that, for several years after Ellen Rimbauer's disappearance, only servants occupied Rose Red. But since the Rimbauer fortune had long been spent, they no longer wanted to be there because they were not being paid to stay. Even the most loyal servants of Ellen were simply too scared of the house to live there, fearing they would disappear just like Sukeena did. So the servants eventually quit their jobs one by one and never returned. Adam Rimbauer, who inherited the house, lived there for a short time with his wife, but left after witnessing several paranormal events such as hearing voices and seeing the ghost of his long lost little sister April. Adam even witnessed many rooms significantly change their size or appearance and opened doors leading into parts of the house that did not match the layouts on the floor plans on Rose Red's blue prints.

IMG 20141020 004248

The ghost of April Rimbauer.

When Adam left, he allowed the house to be abandoned for a long time. Adam was one of the only ones who the house did not touch, probably because he never was close to his mother Ellen whom the house had become rather possessive over. However, after his death, his wife sold off many of the home's antique furnishings. She generated some income by permitting the fictional "Seattle Historical Society" to give tours of the house; these ceased in 1972 after a participant disappeared while on a tour of the mansion. The only thing ever found of this female victim was her purse, completely torn to bloody shreads. Even investigations of the grounds and structure were conducted in the 1960s and 1970s to seek an explanation for the strange sounds, lights, and other phenomena alleged to have occurred there and reported by neighbors of the area who lived near the mansion. But these ended with no satisfying answers and the house began to fall into disrepair and was left alone for decades, letting Rose Red "fall asleep", or so everyone believed.

All in all, the history of Rose Red counts up to 26 people who disappeared or died within it. Interestingly, the evil spirits only killed men, while women simply dissapeared and became part of the house.

  • Basically, the evil spirits within the heart and very essence of Rose Red had grown found of Ellen Rimbuear because she knew how to make the house happy. In a strange way the spirit that possessed Rose Red had fallen in love with Ellen and that is why it eliminated or claimed anyone and everyone that was dear to Ellen because of its jealousy. Ellen's daughter April, Deanna the movie star, Sukeena etc, were all threats to the house, because Rose Red wanted Ellen to only love the house and no one else. In a twisted way, the house ate people out of love, before eventually consuming Ellen as well.
IMG 20141019 235601

the grand entrance of Rose Red in 2001.

The miniseries begins in the year 2001. Steven Rimbauer, great-grandson of John and Ellen Rimbauer, has inherited Rose Red. He has been offered a substantial sum of money to have the house torn down and demolished for the site to be developed into brand new condominiums. But he is intrigued by the mystery of his relitives and all paranormal rumors of the house, and has agreed to allow one more investigation of the structure.

Part 1: Present DayEdit

The miniseries opens with a prologue set in 1991. Young Annie Wheaton is drawing a picture of a house as her parents and older sister, Rachel, argue outside her room. As she draws lines down over the house in her picture, rocks fall through the roof of an identical house belonging to an elderly couple down the street, destroying the building.

IMG 20141020 000744

Inside Rose Red.

The setting now switches to 2001. Dr. Joyce Reardon is a professor at the Beaumont University who teaches classes on psychic phenomena. Kevin Bollinger, a reporter for the campus newspaper, sceptically questions her about a trip she will be taking to Rose Red, an ostensibly haunted and abandoned mansion in nearby Seattle. Dr. Carl Miller, Dr. Reardon's departmental chair who questions the validity of Reardon's research, orders Bollinger to follow Reardon and spy on a meeting with the group of psychics she is taking to Rose Red. The group includes Victor Kandinsky, an elderly precognate with heart disease; Pam Asbury, a young psychometric; Cathy Kramer, a middle-aged automatic writer; Nick Hardaway, a telepath with remote viewing capabilities; and Emery Waterman, a young, obese post-cognate. The group meets with Steven Rimbauer, the last descendent of Ellen and John Rimbauer. Bollinger takes a photo of the group joining hands in a circle, and the photo and an article ridiculing Reardon are published in the campus newspaper. Dr. Miller takes Bollinger back to Rose Red and drops him off, instructing him to obtain additional embarrassing photos once the group of psychics arrives. Kevin is greeted by Sukeena at the front door, who tells him that he is expected. Not realizing she is a ghost, Bollinger enters the mansion. He becomes trapped in the solarium, where he is pulled off-screen by an unseen force.

The back-stories of two of the psychics are introduced: Emery Waterman and Annie Wheaton. Emery Waterman is a rude, sarcastic, and obnoxious young man under the control of his domineering mother, Kay Waterman. The audience learns that Rachel Wheaton now cares for Annie Wheaton, who rarely speaks and who refers to Rachel as "Sister." The audience also learns that Dr. Reardon is having a sexual affair with Steven Rimbauer, although the film remains unclear whether she loves him or is merely using him to gain access to Rose Red.

Later, Dr. Reardon and the group of psychics (now joined by Rachel "Sister" Wheaton and a teenaged Annie Wheaton) arrive at Rose Red. The team tours the mansion. Dr. Reardon and Steven Rimbauer point out that the home contains many optical illusions as well as an upside-down room and a library with a mirrored floor. The team finds Bollinger's cell phone, and Steven Rimbauer calls Dr. Miller to confront him over his duplicity. That night, Emery Waterman and Pam Asbury dream of a decomposing Bollinger; the Wheaton sisters are visited by a ghost under the bed and in the closet; and Cathy Kramer sees something moving under the carpet and her blankets. Later in the night, Pam Asbury is lured outside into the garden.

The next morning, Dr. Miller receives a voicemail message from Steven Rimbauer saying that Bollinger slit his wrists and wrote Miller's name in his blood before expiring. Alarmed, Miller drives to the mansion. Kay Waterman, too, has driven to the mansion after being unable to reach her son via cell phone. The two arrive simultaneously, and their cars collide in the driveway when Kay Waterman swerves to avoid what she believes to be a figure running across the road. Terrified, Kay Waterman begins to run through the forest on the grounds of the mansion while calling for her son. Miller, wanting to get her insurance information, pursues her. Inside Rose Red, Emery hears his mother's cries but dismisses them as an auditory illusion created by the haunted house.

On the other side of the house, Pam Asbury leads Victor Kandinsky into the garden toward a pond with a statue in it then disappears. When Kandinsky looks down into a pond, he sees what he believes to be Asbury's rotting dead body. He attempts to pull her out of the water, but the body vanishes and he is left clutching only her nightgown. He panics and runs back toward the house. Looking back, he sees the statue come to life and has a heart attack. Kandinsky tries to draw the attention of Emery Waterman, but Waterman again believes this to be an apparition and refuses to open the window. Nick Hardaway arrives and tries to open the window, but it refuses to open and the glass cannot be broken. Kandinsky collapses and dies in full view of Emery Waterman. Out in the woods, Kay Waterman is stopped and knocked unconscious by the ghost of Kevin Bollinger.

Part 2Edit

Annie Wheaton has discovered a dollhouse that is an identical replica in miniature of Rose Red. This was a doll house that was made for April Rimbauer before Rose Red claimed her and made her dissapear. While standing on a chair in an attempt to reach the dollhouse, she falls and is knocked unconscious. Rachel Wheaton and Steve Rimbauer see her fall and attempt to render first aid. Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, Rose Red's windows and doors mysteriously open again. Nick Hardaway brings Victor Kandinsky's body into the mansion. Emery Waterman, realizing that his mother's screams were not an illusion, runs outside to look for his mother. He runs into Dr. Miller, who warns him to stay away and then flees. Emery chases him but gives up and returns to Rose Red. Miller, too, is stopped, attacked and killed by the ghostly corpse of Kevin Bollinger.

IMG 20141020 003841

The corpse like ghost of Ellen Rimbauer comes for you!

Emery Waterman attempts to convince the others that they should all leave. They refuse, and Waterman tries to depart on his own. As he does so, he runs into the rotting ghostly corpses of Pam Asbury and the missing movie star Deanna Petrie. Waterman has the power to make apparitions disappear by repeating the phrase "not here," and avoids the deadly fates of his mother and Dr. Miller. As Emery is about to leave Rose Red, Annie Wheaton wakes and via psychokinesis the house once again uses her to cause the doors to slam shut—severing four of Emery's fingers. While the others assist Emery, Joyce Reardon mistakenly assumes that Annie (not Rose Red) is holding the windows and doors closed. Joyce quietly asks Annie to continue to keep the doors and windows sealed, promising to give her the dollhouse if she does so. Steven Rimbauer, however, soon discovers that he is able to communicate with Annie telepathically, and she begins to form a friendship with him.

Later, Steven relives some repressed memories of a visit to the house with his drunken mother who broke into Rose Red to steal some of it's antique decor to sell off. Durng his mother's drunken search Steven wonders off exploring the house. Soon a ghostly Ellen Rimbauer appeared before him and attempted to lure him away into the dark recesses of the house to help her "build". Emery Waterman, meanwhile, suspects that Annie is keeping the house sealed. Nick Hardaway confirms Waterman's suspicions, and then informs the group that Kevin Bollinger has appeared to have hung himself in the library. The group begins to speculate that Rose Red has never been in a dormant state, and that the mansion's supernatural powers are linked to Annie and Steven (whose psychic abilities become apparent only when he is in the house because of his familial connection to the property). Nick Hardaway correctly guesses that Joyce Reardon brought the psychics to the house in an attempt to reawaken it rather than simply investigate it. All this time, Joyce was only interested in proving that the legend of Rose Red is true, uninterested and discarding the safety and well being of the others.

The wounded Emery Waterman soon talks of killing Annie in order to escape, alarming the group. While in the kitchen, Cathy Kramer is attacked by Kay Waterman and is rescued by Nick Hardaway. The two decide to leave the deranged woman in the kitchen and not inform Emery so that the unstable young man does not become more unbalanced. Back in the dark kitchen, the corpse like ghost of Sukeena walks from out of the kitchen pantry and appears before Kay Waterman to drag her away back into the pantry. As Hardaway and Kramer head back toward the main hall, the house changes around them and they become lost. A mysterious shape under the carpet chases them, and they flee. The shape begins to catch up to them, so Nick shoves Cathy into a room and slams the door behind her. Cathy leaves the room a short time later, and is unable to find Hardaway. As the house continues to change around her, she ends up in the attic. Overcome by the urge to automatically write, she witnesses the murder of John Rimbauer by Ellen Rimbauer and Sukeena. Steven Rimbauer and Rachel Wheaton decide to look for Nick Hardaway and Cathy Kramer. They find Cathy in the attic, where she is about to be attacked by a corpse-like form. Their presence breaks the spell, and Cathy is spared. They quickly deduce that the corpse is that of Steven's missing great-aunt (and Ellen's daughter), April Rimbauer. When April went missing circa 1919, somehow she was consumed by the evil forces within and forever trapped inside a parallel version of the estate. Steve explains April must have been secretly living out her life in the alternative dimension of Rose Red, not alive but not fully dead either. April had been in the house the entire time, being used as one of the many minions the evil of Rose Red used to frighten people away or lure them in. April was in the places of the house that ordinary humans couldn't find or see. So basically, what the house does, is it takes its victims and keeps them in a state of eternal limbo. But when April was caught by Steve, the curse is broken and her soul is released from its imprisoned state and she is finally set free to move on and rest in peace.

RR 2

A Zombie Vampire Ellen Rimbauer in her wedding Picture!

The group reunites in the main hall. Emery attempts to attack Annie with a fireplace poker. Using psychokinesis, Annie has a suit of armor attempt to kill Emery with a halberd. Neither attack succeeds, and Joyce Reardon calms both individuals. In an attempt to uncover the secret of Rose Red, Steven Rimbauer creates a telepathic link between Cathy Kramer and Annie Wheaton, and Cathy begins to engage in automatic writing. Annie begins to draw pictures of explosions, smashed doors, and broken glass, and soon doors and windows all over the house are opening and closing violently and glass in the windows is shattering. Cathy automatically writes "help us" and "open the doors," prompting Annie to unseal the house. Steven, Emery, Cathy, Rachel and Annie make their escape from Rose Red, but Joyce Reardon refuses to leave, determined to prove that Rose Red is haunted. The group is attacked by the spectre of Ellen Rimbauer, but Annie prevents Ellen from coming after them. Kay Waterman's ghost leaps from a mirror and attempts to draw Emery into the spirit realm, but he is saved by Steven Rimbauer and Cathy Kramer (who encourages Emery to resist his mother for the first time in his life).

IMG 20141020 024441

The Vampire like spectre of Ellen Rimbauer attacks!

The survivors flee to their cars as boulders rain down on Rose Red. Back in the house, Joyce, has been driven to insanity as she is surrounded by the ghosts of Rose Red: Nick Hardaway, Pam Asbury, Victor Kandinsky, Kay Waterman, Carl Miller, Kevin Bollinger, Sukeena, Ellen Rimbauer, and Deanna Petrie who circle her and consume her. She screams in terror as the film fades to black.

IMG 20141019 235640

The Evil of Rose Red.

The survivors visit Rose Red six months later, just before the mansion is to be demolished and replaced by condominiums. They pay their last respects to the dead by laying red roses on the path leading up to the house. As they drive away, music can be heard and Ellen Rimbauer, Sukeena, and Joyce Reardon watch the survivors depart from a tower window as her soul has been taken by the house. Joyce's spirit is seemingly trapped at Rose Red like all the others before her.

IMG 20141020 024513

The ghost of Joyce is trapped with Ellen's in Rose Red.

  • It is hinted that the victim's souls of Rose Red will all be released to rest in peace after it's destruction. However, it never clarifies if the Indian burial ground the house was built on will go on to possess the Condominiums or not.


In 2000, two years before the miniseries aired, the producers contracted with author Ridley Pearson to write a tie-in novel, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red, under the pseudonym "Dr. Joyce Reardon" (one of the main characters of the miniseries). The novel presented itself as nonfiction, and claimed to be the actual diary of Ellen Rimbauer (wife of the builder of Rose Red). The work was originally intended to be an architectural book featuring photos and drawings of the fictional Rose Red house with the supernatural elements subtly woven into the text and photos, but Pearson (building on several references to a diary in King's script) wrote it as Ellen Rimbauer's diary instead. King came up with the idea of presenting the novel as real by having "Dr. Joyce Reardon" edit the "diary". King also inserted a reference into the book's forward that a "best-selling author had found the journal in Maine", so that fans would be misled into concluding that King had written the work. The ruse worked. Fans and the press speculated for some time that Stephen King or his wife Tabitha King had written the book until Pearson was revealed to be the novel's author. Intended to be a promotional item rather than a stand-alone work, its popularity spawned a 2003 prequel television miniseries to Rose Red, titled The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer. The novel tie-in idea was repeated on Stephen King's next project, the miniseries Kingdom Hospital. Richard Dooling, King's collaborator on Kingdom Hospital and writer of several episodes in the miniseries, published a fictional diary, The Journals of Eleanor Druse, in 2004. Eleanor Druse is a key character in Kingdom Hospital, much as Dr. Joyce Readon and Ellen Rimbauer are key characters in Rose Red.

A fictional Web site for "Beaumont University" (where Dr. Joyce Reardon, one of the main characters in the miniseries, taught parapsychology) was established. The site (still active as of May 2009) provided information on the history of Rose Red, background on the Rimbauer family, and limited information on various disappearances at the mansion. (

The marketing campaign was considered highly successful. Many readers came to believe that The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer was real. The fake Beaumont University site was bombarded with emails from fans who were convinced that Dr. Joyce Reardon, Beaumont University, and Rose Red were real.


The miniseries originally aired on the ABC broadcast television network in the United States on three nights, from January 27-29, 2001.

A DVD running 4 hours and 14 minutes was released in 2007.

Links to other King novelsEdit

The character of Annie Wheaton is similar to another Stephen King character, Carrie White—the main character from Stephen King's first published novel, Carrie. As a young girl, Carrie White telekinetically dropped stones on her house, and Annie does the same thing at both the beginning and end of Rose Red.

The story has connections to at least four other King books as well. In both The Shining and Rose Red, young people with telepathic/empathic abilities are wanted by a haunted building for its own uses. Rose Red is referred to in King's Black House as one of the places where "slippage" occurs. King's short story "The Langoliers" (which appeared in his collection of four novellas, Four Past Midnight) features a mysterious British citizen named Nick H who is often assumed to be the character Nick Hardaway from Rose Red "Beaumont University," the college of at which Dr. Joyce Reardon is a faculty member, shares its name with Thad Beaumont, the protagonist from King's novel The Dark Half. The Beaumont name is common in King's works, as one of his favorite authors is speculative fiction author Charles Beaumont.

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