Robert "Bob" Roux (d. 21 Oct 2012) was a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine, the husband of? Helen Roux? and father of Georgia Roux. His wife bought him an iPod for his last birthday.

On "Dome Day" October 21st, 2012, on God Creek Road Roux had been picking potatoes. After he was done picking he drove on his Deere tractor and listened to his new iPod while on his way back to his home. He was listening to a track from James Blunt when his tractor crashed head on into the Dome after it came down. Roux was sent flying straight into the Dome. As soon as his iPod was close to it it instantly exploded in his pocket. Not a second later he crashed into the Dome; completely breaking his neck and fracturing his skull.

Robert Roux slumped into the dirt next to the edge of the Dome and died; his tractor still idling behind his body.


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