Richie Trelawney

Richard "Richie" Trelawney is Buddy Repperton's best friend and second-in-command of his school bully gang and a character in the novel "Christine" and it's subsequent film adaptation played by Steven Tash. He is distinguished by his brown curly hair almost like John Deacon. Along with Don Vandenberg and Moochie he is first seen in school during a fight between Buddy and Arnie which results in Buddy being suspended. As revenge he and the rest of the gang trash Christine. He semms to remain close to Buddy as he is seen purchasing alcohol from a shop with him and he sits next to him when Christine follows Buddy to the gas station. As he was involved when they trashed Christine Richie acts startled when she crashes into Buddy's camaro. He also backs away when she arrives. Christine gets even with him when she shoots into Buddy's camaro. He screams as she speeds towards him and as Buddy's camaro goes through the building it hits Richie sending him flying into a wall and Christine kills him by crushing him against the w
Christine gas station scene

Christine gas station scene

Christine gets her revenege

all. His corpse is destroyed when the machine blows up the gas station killing Don too.