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Rick Aviles as Ratty in The Stand.

Ratty" Erwins, also known as "The Rat Man," is a character seen in The Stand following Randall Flagg in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is described as a "pirate-like" hoodlum who adopts the dress sense of an Ethiopian man, wearing a red sash, a silver dollar around his "scrawny" neck, and a sword that he often threatens people with. He is described in the book by Julie Lawry as "The only man in Vegas too creepy to sleep with." Erwin's claim to fame is coining the names "Wonder Bread" for Larry Underwood and "Farmer John" for Ralph Brentner.

Erwins has a bigger role in the The Stand (miniseries), being played by Rick Aviles , than he does in the book, where he is seen alongside Lloyd Henreid. In the beginning of the series, Rat Man also makes a foreshadowing appearance, threatening Larry Underwood when he accidentally bumps into him in New York City, unaware that their paths will cross again. He is among the group that apprehends Dayna Jurgens. He also breaks Larry's guitar before he is sent to die by dismemberment.

It is assumed that Rat Man dies when an atomic bomb explosion engulfs the city of Las Vegas.

In the mini series he is portrayed by Rick Aviles.