Ralph White is the husband of Margaret White, the son-in-law of Judith and John Brigman, the stepson-in-law of Harold Allison, the grandson-in-law of Sadie Cochran and the father of Carrie White. He was not involved in raising Carrie, although all versions strongly suggest that it was through his blood that Carrie gained her powers.


In The novel Ralph White was a construction worker who came into contact with Margaret White in 1960.

He was also a fundamentalist Christian and believed, as did his wife, that all forms of intercourse even in marriage were "sinful", as opposed to many other Christians who believe martial sex is something to be nurtured and enjoyed. Nevertheless, 2 years after meeting Margaret, he married her. After one night of raucous drinking with the men, Ralph came home and heated by the booze, seduced Margaret, resulting in the forthcoming pregnancy of his daughter. a few months after the intercourse but shortly before the baby was born, some men were killed in a grisly construction accident including Ralph.

As a result, Carrie was a posthumous child.

1976 Film

In the 1976 film of Carrie Ralph was only mentioned by name.

During the film, Carrie revealed at one point, that "he ran away". Margaret tried to convinced her, that her husband was tempted by "The Devil" and taken away.

Carrie, on the other hand, had a more realistic view of what transpired, feeling it was not a "Devil" but most likely another woman.

1999 Sequel

23 years later, Ralph was mentioned again by a woman named Barbara Lang, the mother of Rachel.

Barbara said, that Ralph was the father of Rachel. Rachel herself possessed similar powers to Carrie White and was also considered an outsider, although Rachel was more independent and outspoken than Carrie was.

Meanwhile, a grown Sue Snell, the only survivor of the The Black Prom tried to inform Rachel, that she and Carrie were half-sisters and that they had different mothers.