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Peter Rickman was a painter who was living with his wife, Natalie, in Maine. After he was hit by a car when he was out running, he was taken to Kingdom Hospital.

He has latent psychic abbilities that are triggered by his near death experience and contact with Antibus who keeps him alive long enough for the ambulance to arrive. Due to his head trauma and the strain of his devolping psychic abilities his body enters a coma to help him recover. Despite this his mind is still aware of its surronding; making him aware of daily activity but unable to respond or react to anyone.

His devoloping powers soon make him aware of the supernatural going ons in the hospital has he is watched over by Antibus early in the series who claims he is important to him and Mary. He is soon contacted by Mary who tells him she is afraid; only to be snached up by Paul who threatens Peter with worse things than death. Since Peter is still weak he loses the conection and returns to a coma state.

Later has his powers devolop he starts wandering the old hospital still under the guidance of Antibus who warns of the limitations he has in his weakend state.

When Paul; concerned of the danger Peter poses starts manipulating a dangerous criminal to kill Peter, the painter is unkowingly rescued by Antibus who is badly ingured fighting Paul off. With his strength growing, Peter enters the Old Hospital after hearing Mary's telepathic cries of distress were they come upon Antibus's injured body. Mary explains to the best of her understanding that Antibus is important in keeping the tormented souls in the hospital under some level of control and without him both humans and ghosts are in serious trouble.


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