Paul Devane was a student of forensic science in the late 1970's.

During the Spring of 1980, he was assigned to conduct post-graduate field work with Detectives O'Shanny and Morrison in Tinnock Village, Maine.

He was on scene when the body of James Cogan was discovered on Hammock Beach on April 24th. When O'Shanny sent him for coffee and doughnuts, Dave Bowie drove him to Jenny's Bakery in town. After returning to the Beach, Devane collected Cogan's personal effects and signed the Possession Slip on the evidence bag.

After completing his field-work with O'Shanny and Morrison, Devane quit forensics and went back to school to become an attorney. In October of 1981, he called Bowie at The Weekly Islander with a tip that identified Cogan as a Colorado resident.


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