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"You liked it.

-Patrick to Henry Bowers in the novel

Patrick Hockstetter is a bully and a member of Henry Bowers' gang and a minor character in the Novel It.

Patrick was a very disturbing individual who had a solipsistic view on the world and believes himself to be the only "real" being. As well as this he is also Psychopathic and Solipsistic. He also shows sexual interest such as tugging on girls hair back at his school. His report cards showed him as being an apathetic student. He also kept a pencil box of dead flies which he kills with his ruler that he shows as if they are hunting trophies.

His IllusionEdit

The novel stated that Patrick had a dangerous illusion in which he thinks that he is the only "real human being" in the world. He also thinks that his actions have no consequences, regardless of how much damage he causes. It's very interesting to note that he shares the same exact theory with It.

Possible Replacement (Avery)Edit

At the age of five, Patrick had a baby brother named Avery Hockstetter. Although Patrick initially had no problems with his parents having kids, He was only worried about whether or not that new child would "replace him" and become a "real mortal" like himself. Patrick eventually became delusional to the point where he murders his own baby brother. On one dark afternoon, Patrick had sneaked into Avery's room while the baby was still asleep. Patrick then smothered Avery to death with his pillow, being sexually thrilled as he does so. Later on that day when Patrick's mother had found Avery dead, she screamed herself to death while Patrick had ended up watching television the whole day, not showing any remorse in murdering Avery.

The Apocalyptic Rock-FightEdit

On one July afternoon, Patrick, along with Henry Bowers, Victor Criss, Belch Huggins, Gard Jagermeyer, Peter Gordon and Moose Sadler chase a black boy named Mike Hanlon. When they come across The Losers Club in the landfill, the two gangs engage in a rock fight. After Peter and Gard retreat, Patrick and Victor also leave quickly. Patrick was the third person to runaway from the fight.

The Junkyard (Death)Edit

(Novel only) On one hot summery day, Patrick, Henry, Victor and Belch were down at a local junkyard, lighting their own farts with Henry's lighter. After a while, Victor and Belch leave after a short and brief dispute with Henry. After the two leave, Patrick gives Henry a hand-job, and even boldly offers him oral sex, to which Henry replies by punching him in the mouth. Worried that Patrick might tell his friends about the incident, Henry blackmails Patrick, threatening to tell the police about his "secret fridge" down at the Junkyard. After Henry leaves, Patrick heads down to the fridge to dispose the dead animals he kept in there, only to be attacked by flying leeches (his worst fear). The parasites drink most of his blood and eventually drag away his unconscious body. By the time Patrick had awoken, It had already begun feeding on him.

The SewersEdit

While under Derry, The Loser's encounter Patrick's decomposing corpse.

1985 (Trackers)Edit

Patrick appears very briefly at one of the baseball fields in Trackers Brothers, as one of It's manifestations, when taunting Eddie Kaspbrak.



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