Patrick Danville (b. 1989) was the son of Sonia Danville. When he was a child, he dreamed of Roland Deschain and the Crimson King; in October of 1993, he drew a prophetic picture of Roland and the King at the Dark Tower.

On October 8th, 1993, he attended a Susan Day rally with his mother at the Derry Civic Centre; due to the efforts of Ralph Roberts, he and his mother survived Ed Deepneau's attempt to crash a plane into the building.

At some point in his teen years, Danville crossed over into All-World, where he was taken prisoner by Dandelo. Dandelo cut out his tongue and fed on his emotions for years. He was kept in the vampire's basement until Roland Deschain and Susannah Holmes arrived, rescuing him; he joined them on their journey to the Dark Tower. Patrick stayed with Roland until they both reached the Tower. Roland used Patrick's artistic ability to defeat the Crimson King, by having Patrick draw and erase a picture of him.


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