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Oscar "Butch" Bowers is the abusive father of Henry Bowers and a minor character in the novel It.

Character BiographyEdit

He is shown to be very psychotic and violent (as shown when he "rewards" his son by giving him his first beer, upon learning he had killed Mike Hanlon's dog). Butch would often beat his son and wife on a daily basis. In 1956, Butch's wife eventually left him, after nearly being beaten to death by him.

After a violent rock fight in late July of 1958, Henry's sanity slowly deteriorates, not only from It's influence, but also his father's as well. In late August, he was killed by his son, who slit his throat with a switchblade provided by It.

Upon returning to home from the sewers, Henry was eventually convicted for Butch's murder, and had been arrested by the cops, who had been waiting for him.

Butch's dream had always been to own a 1958 Plymouth Fury, which was the main car in 1983's Christine.

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