Nort was a weed-eater in Tull.

The Gunslinger

He frequented Alice's bar before he eventually died from chewing devil-grass, keeling over on the boardwalk in front of the bar and vomiting. His body was set out on display; the Man in Black arrived during the wake, and used glamour to bring Nort back from the dead.

Later that night, Nort spoke with Alice about the experience. in the revised edition of the story, he gave Alice a note from the Man in Black, telling her that the word "Nineteen" would serve as a key that would open Nort's memories of being dead. The note also warned that opening those memories would drive Alice mad, but that she would eventually do so anyway.

After the Battle of Tull, Nort was found by Roland Deschain crucified on the cross of Sylvia Pittston's church.