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Norm (Chris Owen) in The Mist.

worked as a bag boy at the Federal Foods Company supermarket in Bridgton, Maine. He was the first victim from the supermarket to be killed by the creatures inside the mist.

Character Biography

The 18 year-old Norm is depicted as a rude, arrogant young man who lacks common sense or respect. He is first seen trying to bag groceries for all 70 patrons of the packed supermarket the day after a massive rainstorm destroyed lots of property. Norm is eager to prove himself to the adults and he volunteers to free the obstruction blocking the generator exhaust pipe outside, so they can turn on the generator and provide power without filling the store with gasoline exhaust. David Drayton, who earlier saw banging on the thick metal door from some type of large creature, believes that there is something outside and that it isn't safe. Norm becomes frustrated with what he believes to be an irrational fear on David's behalf and proceeds anyway, calling David a "pussy". However, as soon as Norm opens up the door, a swarm of Tentacles attack Norm and slowly eat him alive as they drag him outside. Norm's fate is left ambiguous, although it can be safely assumed that he died a painful death by getting eaten alive. Ironically, David Drayton and Ollie Weeks, the two people Norm insulted, are the only ones in the group who try to save his life.


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