Naomi Sarah Higgins is a supporting character in the third story in Four Past Midnight, The Library Policeman.

The Library Policeman

Naomi is a temporary assistant to Sam Peebles at the start of The Library Policeman, doing secretarial work for him every Friday morning.  She lives with her mother in Proverbia in what the locals called a "ramshackle house".  Naomi and Sam had gone on two dates a couple of years prior to the events in the story, with Naomi ending the romantic aspect of their relationship without telling Sam why, although she did end it amicably.  The truth was that Naomi was a recovering alcoholic and seeing Sam drink on their second date (even though it was a relatively small amount) had bothered her enough to keep her distance.  As a part of a local Alcoholics Anonymous group, Naomi uses her second name, Sarah.  The other members of her group, notably "Dirty" Dave Duncan and his friends Dolph and Lukey, admire her immensely, and she is very protective of them.  At one point, when Sam's insisting questions clearly bother Dave, she lashes out at Sam (although she later apologizes when she realizes Sam wasn't bothering Dave intentionally).  As events in the story progress, Naomi and Sam begin to fall in love.


Misery - It is mentioned that Naomi is a fan of romance novels, with one of her favorite authors being Paul Sheldon.

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