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Myra Kaspbrak

Myra Kasprak is a character in Stephen King's IT. She is Eddie Kaspbrak's wife and a parallel reflection of Sonia , Eddie's mother. In the novel, when Myra tries to reason with Eddie to keep him from leaving, Eddie hesitantly departs to Derry, leaving his estranged and worried spouse behind.

IT (novel)

As Eddie's wife, she's is almost a mirror image of his own mother. As their relationship took on increasingly serious forms, Eddie made this similarity confidently by juxtaposing their images and the question arose whether he really wanted to "psychologically incest" their relationship.

"The women in the photos could have been sisters, (...) He had vowed not to do it because it would have been a Freudian circle, nothing else, (...) But he had then married, yet Myra was condemned him by their loving care to had captured him with her gentleness, yet nailed him with their exaggerated fear for him forever and ever."  Stephen King - Chapter 3/4

In 1985, Like his mother, Myra persuaded Eddie constantly that he was fragile, as well as his mother, goes Myra getting more out of the glue. Initially, she was still working for Eddie's chauffer company until her uniform did not want to fit. When Eddie get a call from Mike Hanlon to go to Derry, that he must return there, Myra is horrified by his demand that he should go to Derry and that she should stay behind, while she takes care of his movie business. Myra does everything to keep Eddie home but, for the first time, Eddie can prevail and follow Mike Hanlon's request, along with the rest of the Loser's Club to fight IT, leaving Myra behind, confused and terrified.

IT (Film)

Myra is not seen or mentioned in the film.  Sonia Kaspbrak is portrayed in her place instead, trying to keep Eddie from departing to Derry.

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