Mrs Moore

Ceila Watson as Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore is a schoolteacher in Chester's Mill.

She is diagnosed with Meningitis during the Meningitis Outbreak the plagued Chester's Mill while the Dome was still down. She is wheeled into a room along with her former third-grade student, Linda Esquival, and the two consider whether their illness may be related to the Dome.   At the Clinic, Alice tells Carolyn that she is treating nearly five dozen patients, and claims that she has at least a few days worth of insulin left for herself. Carolyn leaves to get food for Alice, who is soon called to treat Linda, whose fever is spiking, and Mrs. Moore, whose blood-pressure is dropping. With only one dose of antibiotics, Mrs. Moore instructs Alice to treat Linda, and Alice agrees.

At the Clinic, Linda recovers and finds Mrs. Moore still sick, and the two discuss how much Linda has changed since Mrs. Moore taught her. Linda insists that most of the credit is due to Duke; Mrs. Moore tells Linda not to sell herself short, but flatlines moments later, and Alice rushes into the room to perform chest compressions.

Mrs Moore's Death

Mrs. Moore dies in the hospital of meningitis.

They fail however, and Mrs. Moore passes away, being the only one who died by the Meningitis before the vaccines were brought in.


In the 2013 television series, Mrs. Moore was played by Celia Watson.


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