The Monster Shouter

The Monster Shouter

The enigmatic Monster Shouter is a homeless doomsayer that keeps shouting "bring out your dead!" and a minor character in the 1994 TV miniseries The Stand.

He was portrayed by legendary US NBA basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

TV Series Version

What is known about this unnamed stranger without a home who living in New York City, New York, is that he is devoutly religious and spent his days ringing his bell and wearing a signpost on him with apocaylyptic warnings as he preached that Judgement Day was fast approaching. Also he preached that the Resurrection according to prophecies of the Book of Revelation, would begin at the moment of the coming apocalypse, that all will witness the deceased, both the blessed and the damned would rise and stand trial for God's final judgement - which is why he continues to tell people to "bring out their dead".

He was last seen walking on the streets of Times Square in Manhatten. He approaches Larry Underwood and warns him that "The Man with No Face", the mysterious dark figure he calls "The Monster" is coming for him and the rest of the world. A short time later Larry finds him murdered .

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