Molly Strand is a real estate agent in Castle Rock, Maine and has a rare medical condition. She is barely scraping by as real estate agent in a town where every third property is the site of someone’s worst nightmare. Molly is also an empath, with the ability to feel the same emotions that other people feel. She lives in the house where serial strangler Frank Dodd, committed suicide.


Molly Strand needs drugs to manage her "condition," and buys them off a teenage dealer who refers to her as "the MILF." She points out the term is wrong since you need to have kids to be MILF. While the deal is taking place, Molly spots Henry Deaver getting off a bus and begins to breathe heavily.[1]

Later, Molly goes through a box of memories, including a missing poster showing Henry, and a sweater. Before looking though the box, she sets an hourglass time.[1]

Behind the scenes

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