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Misery's return
Misery on the cover of Misery's return. The other man is a drawing of Stephen King.
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Misery Chastain
is a fictional character in a successful series of romance novels, created by author Paul Sheldon. The books about Misery are set in the Victorian-era, and Annie Wilkes claims that there are eight of them.  

The books center around a love triangle involving Misery as well as two other men named Ian and Geoffrey.

Misery Chastain books in the novelEdit

Misery Chastain books in the filmEdit

  • Misery's Quest
  • Misery's Search
  • Misery's Challenge
  • Misery's Trial
  • Misery's Triumph
  • Misery's Dilemma
  • Misery's Love
  • Misery's Child


Annie's shelf of Misery books.
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The dust jacket of Misery's Child.
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