This is a brief list of some of the minor characters who appeared in Carrie (1976 version):

  • Miss Collins (Betty Buckley)--gym instructor and Carrie's only confidant; originally named Rita Desjarden
  • Helen Shyres (Edie McClurg)--one of Chris' friends
  • Freida Jason (Noelle North)--student at Bates High; George Dawson's date for the prom
  • Cora Wilson (Cindy Daly)--one of Chris' friends (?); in all of Carrie's classes
  • Rhonda Wilson (Deidre Berthrong)--a classmate of Carrie's (?)
  • George Dawson (Harry Gold)--Bates High student and Freida's prom date; one of Tommy's buddies
  • Freddy "The Beak" Holt (Doug Cox)--student at Bates High and likely the other friend (?) who went looking for prom tuxes with Tommy and George
  • Freddy DeLois (Michael Talbott)--Billy Nolan's best friend and co-conspirator in the prom night tragedy.
  • Ernest Peterson (Anson Downes)--head of the prom committee.
  • Kenny (Rory Stevens)--Bates High student.
  • Mr. Morton (Stefan Gierasch)--principal of Bates High School.
  • Mr. Fromm (Sydney Lassick)--English teacher at Bates; insulted Carrie when she called Tommy's poem "beautiful".
  • Bobby Erbeter (Cameron DePalma)--the boy who was knocked off his bicycle by Carrie when he teased her.

Of interesting note, scores of other characters appeared in the novel, but not in the movie. For more info, click on the link below. All information courtesy of Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

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