This is a brief list of some of the minor characters who appeared in Carrie (1976 version):

  • Miss Collins (Betty Buckley)--gym instructor and Carrie's only confidant; originally named Rita Desjarden
  • Helen Shyres (Edie McClurg)--one of Chris' friends and Norma's best friend
  • Freida Jason (Noelle North)--student at Bates High; George Dawson's date for the prom
  • Cora Wilson (Cindy Daly)--one of Chris' friends and Rhonda's sister and a bully of Carrie
  • Rhonda Wilson (Deidre Berthrong)--a bully of Carrie and Cora's sister
  • George Dawson (Harry Gold)--Bates High student and Freida's prom date; one of Tommy's buddies
  • Freddy "The Beak" Holt (Doug Cox)--student at Bates High and likely the other friend who went looking for prom tuxes with Tommy and George
  • Freddy DeLois (Michael Talbott)--Billy Nolan's best friend and co-conspirator in the prom night tragedy.
  • Ernest Peterson (Anson Downes)--head of the prom committee.
  • Kenny (Rory Stevens)--Bates High student.
  • Mr. Morton (Stefan Gierasch)--principal of Bates High School.
  • Mr. Fromm (Sydney Lassick)--English teacher at Bates; insulted Carrie when she called Tommy's poem "beautiful".
  • Bobby Erbeter (Cameron DePalma)--the boy who was knocked off his bicycle by Carrie when he teased her.
  • Alice Litten - A bully of Carrie
  • Julia Mcdermitt - A bully of Carrie
  • Patricia Pollack- A bully of Carrie
  • Katie O Shea- (Katie Irving) A bully of Carrie
  • Mary Lila Grace- A bully of Carrie
  • Mary Blake- A non-speaking bully
  • Ruth Gogan-  (Sharon Benson) A bully of Carrie
  • Trudy Borne-  (Terry Bolo) A bully of Carrie
  •  Dale Norbert- Mary Lila Grace's prom date

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