Maxine Seagrave

Natalie Zea as Maxine Seagrave

Maxine Seagrave is a business associate of Jim Rennie and Dale Barbara, and a resident of West Lake.


Otto and Maxine's deaths

Big Jim kills Otto and Maxine in front of Barbie.

Maxine takes Big Jim Rennie and Barbie hostage. She confronts Big Jim about murdering her mother, Agatha. Barbie talks back by accusing her of shooting Julia. After Barbie uses his alarm to escape, Big Jim shoots and kill both Otto and Maxine. Thankfully for Big Jim, Barbie attacks Big Jim right before Linda Esquivel (Big Jim's personal sheriff) arrives on the scene. Big Jim furthers Linda's skepticism of Barbie, by accusing Barbie of the murders of Otto and Maxine.


"The Fourth Hand"
"Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" (death)