Marty Coslaw is a character in Cycle of the Werewolf and Silver Bullet and a resident of Tarker's Mills, Maine. Marty is a paraplegic and is usually in a wheelchair. Marty is attacked by Lester Lowe, who has transformed into a werewolf, on the night of the 4th of July.

He is able to defend himself with fireworks that his Uncle Al gave him. He throws a bag of fireworks into Lowe's face destroying his left eye. Marty survives the encounter and discovers that the only person in Tarker's Mill that is missing their left eye is Lowe. He proceeds to send Lowe letters telling him to commit suicide. He convinces his Uncle Al to give him his confirmation spoon which Marty and Al melt down to make silver bullets.

Marty is attacked by Lowe again on New Year's Eve and is able to shoot Lowe twice. He shoots Lowe's right eye blinding him completely and the second shot manages to kill him. Marty's family then runs into their living room to find Marty holding a gun and Lowe's corpse transforming back to human form.