Louis Creed is the main character in Pet Sematary. He is married to Rachel Creed and has two kids, Ellie and Gage. They move to Maine from Chicago. Next to their house is a road that has claimed the lives of many pets. His son almost walks onto the road but is saved by an old fellow named Jud. Jud becomes something like a father figure to Louis.

Jud ends up showing Louis and his family the pet cemetery, which has a sign that is spelled "Pet Sematary". Later on in the story his daughter's cat gets run over. He ends up resurrecting said cat by using the burial ground beyond the pet cemetery.

Sometime later tragedy strikes. Louis's son Gage gets run over by a truck. After Gage's funeral, Louis digs him up and resurrects him despite Jud's warnings, intending to spend a couple of days alone with Gage after sending Rachel and Ellie to Rachel's parents so that he can 'make a diagnosis' and determine if Gage is himself or something else.

However, a Wendigo revives Gage, and Gage kills Rachel and Jud. Louis ends up killing it with lethal injection. He decides burn down his house, the cops come and ask questions but voice no suspicions. He buries his wife so she can be resurrected, proclaiming that he waited too long with Gage but convinces himself that Rachel will be fine if he buries her now.

The book ends with him playing solitaire. He is about to deal a fresh hand when he hears his back door open. He looks at his cards while the footsteps approach him. A cold hand falls on his shoulder and his wife, with a grating voice that is full of dirt says, "Darling"

It is unknown whether he survives or not (Although the film version ends with Rachel picking up a knife and moving as though about to stab him in the back).