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Reverend Lester Lowe in his werewolf form.

Reverend Lester Lowe is the main antagonist in the book Cycle of the Werewolf and the 1985 film Silver Bullet.

Cycle of the Werewolf

He is the town's minister who is hiding a dark secret: he is a werewolf that has been terrorizing the town for months, killing several people. When young, wheelchair-bound Marty Coslaw wanders out at night to shoot fireworks he is attacked by the werewolf. Luckily before the werewolf can kill him, Marty uses firecrackers to blow the creature's left eye out, blinding it and giving Marty enough time to flee. The next day, Marty begins hunting for a one-eyed man, and he discovers that Lester Lowe is now wearing an eyepatch, meaning that he is the only possible man who could be the werewolf. After a failed attempt to kill Marty, Lowe kills the town's sherriff, changes into his werewolf form and hunts the Coslaw house were Marty, his sister and uncle and at, and attempts to kill them all three but meets his demise when Marty shoots a homemade silver bullet into the werewolf's right eye, killing him.


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