Kenny Garson (Literary)

Kenneth Garson was a friend of Billy. He participated in the prank against Tommy by going with Billy, Chris, Jackie and others to the pig farm to slaughter the pig, whose blood was then used in the evil prank.

His fate is unknown, but it is implied, that he did put the blame on Chris and Billy to save himself.

Kenny Garson (2002)

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Kenny and Tina in the 2002 movie

Kenneth "Kenny" Garson was played by Miles Meadows in Carrie (2002).

He was a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine, and the brother of Lou Garson. He was one of the people, who tormented Carrie. He also was in the chemistry class with Carrie, and was one of Billy Nolan’s friends.

In the 2002 version, Kenny was the boyfriend of Tina and participated in the evil prank against Carrie that led to Tommy’s death, and Carrie’s temporal insanity (which, in turn, led to the Black Prom and the destruction of Chamberlain). Initially, he looks puzzled when seeing the bucket up in the rafters (as though wondering what could be taking Chris so long to pull the rope and pour the blood on Carrie). He is the first to laugh at Carrie along with his date, Tina Blake, and is very passionate in doing so (while also referring to Carrie as a “pig”, as though possibly inspired by the pig blood). It is only when Helen slaps him across the face (with Tina looking on in shock) that he stops laughing.

In Carrie’s rampage, he got his arm crushed between a set of double doors when trying to get them open. He remained in this position throughout the chaos. It is possible he was electrocuted to death, along with everyone else, when the scoreboard hit the floor.

Kenny Garson (2013)


Kenneth "Kenny" Garson was played by Kyle Mac in Carrie (2013).

Kenny Garson was one of two best friends of Billy Nolan. He participated in the killing of the pigs in order to get the blood needed for the prank on Carrie. He also helped in the plot to humiliate Carrie at the prom, in which he laughed, too; however, it was a prank that also led to Tommy’s death.

Carrie later murdered Kenny in revenge with many others. His body supposedly burns in the following fire that Carrie caused in Ewen High School.