Jackson "Jackie" Talbot was a friend of Billy Nolan's and in the 2013 film, a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.


In the novel, Jackie Talbot is one of Billy's friends. He goes with Billy Chris and the others to a farm and helps in the killing of two pigs, so that their blood could be used to spill it on Tommy and Carrie, which then was executed by Billy and Chris with the hidden help of Tina and Norma. When Carrie goes on the corresponding rampage after the execution of the evil prank, he informs Billy about what has happened  and is happening and expresses worry, that the conspiracy, in which he was involved will be exposed. Billy tells him to go home, that he would take care of it.

His fate after the Black Prom, which he survived, is unknown. But it is implied he placed the blame on Billy and Chris to save himself.

1976 film

Jackie in this film is a student at the Bates High School named Freddy DeLois. He is played by Michael Talbott.

He is the boyfriend of Norma Watson and the best friend of Billy Nolan and Kenny Garson. He plays a similar role to Jackie in the novel but larger. At the request of Chris, he asks to help Norma collect the King and Queen ballots. Once there he and Norma collect the ballot and slip off to the side and pretend to make out. Only they secretly got rid of the few ballots they collected and Norma pulls a new stack out of Freddy's tuxedo. She hands them in and Tommy and Carrie are elected King and Queen, just as planned. Norma and Freddy stand in the crowd waiting for the prank. Once it's pulled the blood is dump and Norma exaggerates her laughter as she points at the blood dreched Carrie on stage. Freddy, Norma and Kenny attempt to leave, but that's when Carrie begins using her powers. As Kenny and Freddy are crossing through the doors they slam shut with the two still in between them.

Freddy's death is not explicitly stated. However, it is likely, he burns to death with the rest.

2002 film

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Billy, Chris and Jackie at the pig farm

In this remake Jackie Talbot is played by Malcolm Scott.

Jackie in this film is an almost exact replica of the novel version. He survives the ordeal, but he is interrogated by Detective John Mulchaey, who exposes his involvement in the evil prank by presenting irrefutable proof, that links him, Chris and Billy to the killing of the pig, whose blood was then put on a bucket in order to be spilled on Carrie at the Prom, a plan that succeded. However, it also ended with the bucket hitting on Tommy´s head, killing him. After being presented with this proof, Jackie has no choice but to confess everything. He also exonerates Sue from all suspicion regarding this evil prank.

His fate is unknown, but it is implied, that he was arrested for his involvement in the prank.

2013 film

In this vers
ion Jackie Talbot is played by Max Topplin.

This Jackie is similar to Freddy. Billy's best friend, He is Tina's boyfriend and a student. He participates in the prank. He is involved in the killing of the pig. Later at the prom, he and Tina counterfeit the ballots. When the prank is pulled, they play the video of Carrie in the locker room. He grabs Tina and attempts to leave before the destruction begins, but they are unable to make it out. Carrie sends a Dark Phoenix-like power across the room, knocking down almost all the students and later locks the doors, trapping them inside. Jackie and his friend Kenny attempt to get up and climb the bleachers to find an exit, but Carrie stops them. She closes the bleachers, catching Kenny's foot and crushing Jackie in the waist. He dies, when Carrie crushes his body with them.



  • The actor playing Freddy is named Michael Talbott, Jackie's surname.