Horace M. Derwent was a successful accountant, inventor and entrepreneur who owned the Overlook hotel from 1946 through 1952, when he sold it to a group of California investors. He allegedly acquired controlling interest in the hotel some years later, via behind-the-scenes back channeling, allowing him to conduct unsavory business there well into the 1960's without affecting his public profile. Derwent had deep connections with organized crime, and more than one mob killing took place at the Overlook under his watch.

His history is the stuff of legend within legend: for example, he was said to own Las Vegas, Los Angeles and United Airlines, and is credited with inventing the strapless bra.

The Overlook Hotel used the ghost of Derwent to communicate with the Torrance family, and appeared to both Jack Torrance and Danny Torrance on separate occasions.

Years after the Overlook Hotel was destroyed, the ghost of Horace Derwent appeared to Danny Torrance once again, in an attempt to claim him. However, Danny was able to lock Derwent up in his mind for decades.

The ghost of Derwent was released by Danny in the final assault against the True Knot, and Derwent murdered Silent Sarey, kissing and strangling her at the same time.


The Shining

Doctor Sleep

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